The intelligent selection of images for your Orlando web design can spell success for your business. Every image you choose and post on your website should strive to reach a purpose. Is it to evoke emotions? Is it to attract your target audience? And while you consider those things, don’t ever forget that the images you choose should be consistent with the branding, focused on the subject, and not overdone.

Be Consistent

Do you know why Instagram users are so gaga over having the best feed? And what’s the best feed anyway? It’s consistency. The best feed often uses the same filters, borders, and image styles. These feeds are carefully curated with the overall effect of the feed in mind. That’s the same thing that your Orlando web design should be striving for.

The images you choose for your website should tell a story. Every image you use on the website should have the same color scheme, style, border, filter, cropping, and orientation. They should flow fluidly with the content. They need to be consistent because your audience will expect your site to be the ambassador of your brand.

Focus on the Subject

Many images you take and find on the web (stock photos) will have so much unused space around them. There is so much wasted space around the photo and it doesn’t do anything for your brand, anyway. You know what needs to be done, right? You need to crop these photos and focus on the subject that you want to draw your audience’s eyes to.

After the photo has been cropped, make sure that the subject can still be visibly seen. Getting rid of that empty space will draw your audience’s eyes to the message you want them to receive.

Less Is More

Don’t bombard your web visitors with too many images. They don’t want that. A couple of good-quality images about your products and services are enough. As long as the images are in good quality and they can see the details of the products, those should be good enough for your Orlando web design. There needs to be a healthy balance of content and imagery on your website, so be very careful lest you overdo using photos on your website.

Remember that when your images are confusing, your audience will get confused, too. When your website is messy and misguided, you will send the wrong message to your potential customers. So, streamline your content and images. Make sure they’re all trying to achieve the same goals.