Why is it important for companies to talk about themselves? Why is it important for brands to establish a connection, a sort of friendship with their clients and customers? From your homepage to your inside pages to your About Us page, your Orlando web design can do so much to incorporate storytelling into its design elements. This is critical because for storytelling to be successful, the design of the website must complement the story the brand is trying to tell.

Brands that try to make an emotional connection with their customers through storytelling can earn the trust of those customers. They improve their credibility because they open up to these customers. The brand stands out as an honest company that tells customers what the real deal is. But when telling a story, you must remember these three things first:

Highlight Your Brand’s Humble Beginnings

Talk about your brand as if you’re talking about yourself. Tell your customers about how you first conceptualized the brand. Why is this a story worth telling? Your customers want to know what makes you think this brand will make it in the industry. What is your motivation behind the creation of the brand? What fuels this ambition to grow the brand? Your humble beginnings will inspire customers. You will let them take a peek into the intricacies of running your business and how, through hard work and dedication, you were able to bring your brand to the forefront of their consciousness. This message always has such a huge impact on any audience.

Show Passion for the Product/Service

Talk about your products and services as you would talk about a celebrity you admire. Talk about them as if they were your children. Show your obsession with growing these products and services, and making sure that they improve your customers’ lives. This passion will fuel your customers’ desire to know more about what you are creating.

Solve Your Customers’ Problems

There’s only one reason why your customers visited your website. They want to find a solution to their problems. Whether it is something as trivial as finding the right pair of shoes for a dress or something as complicated as searching for a motor vehicle’s part, your customers are there for a reason. The only way to persuade them to make a purchase or an inquiry is to present a solution to their problems.

By including storytelling into the Orlando web design, you are improving the chances of people visiting your site and becoming curious about what you have to offer. That’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.