Your business’ website is not your personal blog. It should be used to reflect who you are as a businessman. The Orlando web design should look professional at all times. Every design element on your website should contribute to emphasizing your brand and raising awareness about it. You should focus on giving your website a professional look.


You should use the same color palette that you use on your logo, company stationery, paper bags, and packaging. Use the colors that are prominently used in your business’ image. This is an indication of fluidity in your business. Using the same colors on all business aspects will help identify your business. For example, Coca-Cola will always be identified with the colors red and white while Pepsi is Blue and Mountain Dew is green.


Ever wonder why it’s such big news if a company changes its fonts. Can you imagine if Adidas suddenly changes its fonts? What about Google? Or Apple? They use basic fonts but if they somehow decided to change the typeface, that could receive a backlash from their customers. Mac cosmetics has a very identifiable font face, too. That’s the same font found on its packaging, marketing materials, and website. Choose only one to two fonts to use on the Orlando web design. One should be for the headlines and the other for the text.


The images you use on your website should also be consistent with the ones you use on your packaging and promotional materials. For example, you can often find the same models Benefit uses on their storefronts on their websites, right? That creates consistency between these two methods of marketing. On one hand, the model’s images are posted in the store. On the other, their images are also published online.

Orlando Web Design Company

If you need a professional-looking website, you should hire an Orlando web design company. They know how to arrive at the best possible design that will promote and market your business. They know that the tenets of marketing involve being consistent with the business’ branding. They will help you come up with a basic website that attracts your target audience, promotes your products and services, and engages with your clients.

If your business isn’t attracting the right audience, it might be because you are not being consistent with what your brand is about. Customers love brands. Whether it’s a luxury brand or a local small business brand, they love being associated with a brand and all that it stands for.