The professionalism of your Orlando web design precedes the actual content there. Although marketers will tell you that content is king in terms of search engine optimization, the professionalism of one site is an equally important element of web design. This refers to the impression the site makes on visitors who haven’t started reading what’s on your site.

When someone arrives on your site, you want them to see your website as a modern, professional, and respectable business. Even before they read anything on the site, this is the message that you want to send them. But that will depend on what they see on your website, on what kind of impression the site’s design makes on your web visitors.

These are the three things that will make any site look more professional:

Culture Page

A culture page will talk about your company and what it does. It will discuss its operations and the way it approaches challenges in the production line. This is also the part where web visitors can see the values that are important to the company. Does it treat the employees like family? Do they have fun? What do they do outside work? Do they spend time together even after working hours are over?

If you have attended charitable events recently and in the past, this is where you will put that, too. You want your customers to see that you are more than just a company; that you are doing your part in the community, too. The culture page is the best way to showcase that.

Photos of Staff

Who are the people that make it possible for you to produce high-quality products and render top-notch services? Photos of the staff will make your website look more professional because finally, your customers will understand that there are actual people who work for you to manage your business.

Whether you choose to show them during a teambuilding activity or at work, the purpose of these photos is to humanize your company. People will see that it’s more than just about the sales. There are actual people depending on your business.

Customer Results

Highlight the quality of products and services you produce by including customer reviews and testimonials on your Orlando web design. Do you know that potential customers will value these testimonials more than any other marketing campaign that you can think of? Customers want real stories from real people. These are more valuable to them than any marketing strategy.