Before you get into this three-step process, you must understand the two important components of building a Lakeland internet marketing strategy. The first one is knowing your audience. Identifying what your audience is looking for will empower your business to create the right products and services. The second one is understanding the various social media channels that you can use to promote your business. Should you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter? You can increase your social media engagement by using the proper channel to market your business.

Once you have both these things figured out, you can begin this three-step process: listen, test, and measure.


Before you begin creating content, you must make it a point to listen to the social media buzz about your business. Take the time to listen and examine the behavior of your social media followers, as well as their comments, reviews, recommendations, activities, and email subscriptions. You want to know as much as you can about their social media activity because you can use this information to create well-targeted messages and content.

One of the ways to keep abreast of your company’s status on the internet is by signing up for Google Alert. The search engine will alert you for any news or mention of your company or products and services on the web. You might also want to set up a Google Alert for your competitors’ brands. That way, you know what people think about your competitions in the market.


You can try different types of content and post them on social media. That will allow you to test your audience’s response and identify the most successful types of content. This way, you won’t waste your time with content that’s not really going to be successful. You can experiment with different forms such as blog posts, videos, photos, links, and posts.

You can test how people respond to your posts. You will see immediately which are more successful by the number of interactions and engagement the posts receive.


Your Lakeland internet marketing strategy will never be successful if you don’t try to measure its effectiveness and impact on your audience. Look at your social media and content analysis to see what’s giving you the best chance at marketing to your target market. Some of the variables you should measure are the likes, retweets, comments, follows, and conversion rates. Measuring the success of each strategy is critical for the success of your business.