A Lakeland marketing agency is a business-to-business provider. This means that the services they render are not going to be used by a private citizen or an individual, but also by another business. A B2B setup follows stricter guidelines when it comes to permits, licenses, and insurances. These are non-marketing stuff, right? However, they are equally important to the client, along with your expertise and experience in the industry.

You cannot shrug off these things because clients want only to work with legitimate businesses that are protected by the state licenses, permits, and the insurance policies that they are prudent enough to purchase for themselves and their workers.

Business Permits and License

Depending on which state you are operating, you will be required different kinds of business licenses and permits. Most of these licenses are simply focused on making sure that you comply with all regulatory measures imposed by the federal and local government. You can join an association of the marketing industry in your state or city to get an idea of how to work through these requirements.

Many of these required permits and licenses are fulfilled by simply filling out some forms and submitting documents. Also, remember to register for a business tax. If there’s one documentary requirement you need to fulfill before operating your business, it’s your tax.

Insurance Coverages

Do you think Lakeland marketing agencies don’t need insurance coverages? Think again. Most companies will require you to have general liability insurance and also marketing professionals insurance. These policies protect the marketing agency and its clients from a lawsuit that could arise from quite a number of reasons such as financial setbacks and even, in some cases, unintentional copyright infringement.

Your agency will also be rewarded for taking care of your workers through a workers’ compensation insurance. Through this, your clients will know that you are protective toward the rights of your workers for just compensation and benefits.

Legal Contracts

What’s a Lakeland marketing company without legal contracts? You need to have a lawyer on retainer. This lawyer will draft contracts for you, making sure the terms in the contract are advantageous to your marketing agency. Contracts are legally binding. It ensures that your rights and your clients’ rights are protected by laws. No respectable client would want to work with you without a contract present to guide your agreement. This is one of the things that any prospective clients will want from your company.