We’ve talked extensively about what you need to do to design a well-thought-out website, but we’ve been missing out on discussing the importance of avoiding some Lakeland web design fails that could cost you your business.

While the rules of web design are simple and uncomplicated—you need a clean site that’s responsive and uses high-quality images, for a start—it is not so much a surprise that so many designers fail at understanding the right way to attract web visitors.

Using Too Much Bright and Confusing Color Schemes

Lakeland web design is all about aesthetics. The colors you choose for your website can determine the quality and overall look of your site. It will also affect how attractive your website is in the eyes of your web visitors.

There are some web designers who make the mistake of choosing bright and confusing color schemes for the website, thinking that these will make the site look “artistic” or will be a cut above the rest. It will not. What it looks like is a painter’s palette—confusing, painful to the eyes, and directionless.

Posting Low-quality Videos and Photos

Sure, not all website owners can produce their own high-quality photos. But the least you can do is to subscribe to a premier stock photo account. This will give you access to thousands of stock photos that not many websites have used in recent time. Never try to post stock photos that you get for free.

So many websites have used these photos already and they don’t do anything good to your site’s SEO. The same goes for videos. If you post generic videos with low-quality resolution or grainy film, you stand to lose a large portion of your customers. Low-quality media materials look cheap, making customers feel that you, as a business, did not prepare well enough.

Not Creating a Responsive Design

There is only one way for you to rank on Google’s first-page results and that is through SEO. One of the first things that Google’s algorithm will look for on your website is the responsiveness of the Lakeland web design.

This means that your website has to automatically change depending on the device that the users are viewing the site from. An unresponsive design is often a sign of neglect and carelessness. If you care about your website, a responsive design is what you should be aiming for.