Today’s digital world is filled to the brim with unique opportunities to grow our businesses. This is the reason why Lakeland internet marketing is such an important component of the promotional and advertising efforts of any business.

Can a company grow without a presence on social media and on the internet? We don’t think so. But this focus on Lakeland internet marketing also brings with it a lot of challenges. These are the biggest threats in the world of digital marketing:

Building and maintaining a website

When a business decides to go online, the first challenge it will face is building a website. Most business owners will have by now start looking at professional web designers and Lakeland internet marketing companies.

And while this is the right way to go about promoting a business online, it is not the only factor that will render success to your website. There are a lot of factors that go into building a site—from user experience to call-to-action messages.

After the website has been built, there will also be a need to maintain the site by regularly updating its content and making sure that all codes and security certificates are up to date. Once in a while, you must also redesign the website to follow specific trends on the internet.

Creating content

The burden of every website is to stay relevant and to top Google’s search index. However, this becomes a problem when a site cannot produce quality and relevant information. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the website is updated with the latest news about your products and services.

There should be a regular update in terms of blog posts, video contents, and other shareable content. That’s a lot of work for any business and not all businesses have the time and resources to make this investment. Most businesses outsource their content creation needs by hiring an agency that can assign a content writer for your website.

Sharing on social media

The number one mistake that people do on social media is merely sharing content and not engaging with their followers. Most businesses think that by sharing a link on Facebook and Twitter, they have already done their part in promoting their web content.

It goes beyond that. Part of Lakeland internet marketing is engaging with your followers by answering questions and responding to comments and suggestions.

Failing to do so and ignoring your followers is tantamount to giving them the cold shoulder when they have already entered your store and are thinking about buying an item or so.