People need just a few seconds to decide whether to stay or not on your website. But as a business owner, what you want is for your web visitors to stay on your site and consume the site’s content. You want your site to give off a good first impression. That is the primary goal of your Lakeland web design — for it to become something that the web visitors want to stay on.

There are two rules that any web designer needs to remember when it comes to wanting to strengthen the number of its web visitors and loyal clients.

Don’t Make It Hard

Visitors should be able to browse your website without any effort at all. This means that if they need to find any information on your site, it should be easily accessible. They should find it without going through a maze. Your site’s navigation is the first thing you need to take care of when you’re building a website. It needs to be user-friendly. Even your grandparents should be able to navigate your website with ease.

Too many website designers and developers are focused on the aesthetics of a website that they forego the navigational aspect of a site. No matter how good a website looks, if your target market can’t browse through it and see the information they seek, they wouldn’t give it a second of the day.

Don’t Make Your Customers Wait

The second thing you need to remember is improving your site’s performance. Aside from making information on your site easily accessible to web visitors, you should also make sure that they wouldn’t wait while doing so. Studies say your homepage only have five full seconds to open or your web visitors will likely go away.

Your site’s speed performance should impress your visitors. When they click on a link, that webpage should open up. That makes for a good navigational experience. Because people have a short attention span, it is easy to decide for them to navigate away from your site. They’ll find another website where they can find the information they seek.

Although there are many rules about making your Lakeland web design navigation easy and impressing your web visitors, these two are the ones you should focus on. Before you start creating quality content for your website, the speed and performance of the website and its navigational elements should be perfected according to the demands of the market.