Pay per click advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a search marketing technique in which you buy an Ad (e.g., Google Adwords) on the search results page for certain keywords and key phrases. You only pay for the visitors that click on your ad and come to your site. The more you bid on the keywords the higher will be the rank of your adwords. And the best news is that your ads can show on the first page of the search results within hours. In fact the pay per click advertising industry is so hot that the marketers are spending nearly $4 billion on this channel every year and that number is expected to double by 2010.
At Brightsky Web Design we have developed a very solid competence in PPC advertising. Our approach is designed to complement your natural search engine optimization initiative. We target the top search engine when optimizing your website, such as:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

We specialize in pay per click management services for Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing campaigns.

The initial setup process of Pay Per Click campaigns includes keyword research, competitive analysis, geographic targeting, competitive analysis, grouping of ad campaigns, and marketing campaign development. We actively manage your campaign using our proprietary competition monitoring software as well as measuring ROI (return on investment) for keywords and there display variations.

We actively monitor and optimize ad copy to keep all your ads current. The better your ad performs in click-thru rates, the higher your ads trust score with AdWords. This ultimately translates in to higher placements at less costs.

The most successful PPC campaigns are those that are integrated with organic link building campaigns. For many companies the most profitable keywords for pay per click are those with the highest conversion rates. These tend to be very specific keywords or long tail keywords. We prefer to handle both the PPC and link building campaigns for a business so we can target the highest cost keywords in the organic SEO campaign… and when we reach the top position organically, we turn that keyword off. PPC is a great adverting tool, but should not be used exclusively. Campaign management fees and commissions apply.

Those top three listings you see at the top of a search page that are highlighted in a different color are called “sponsored listings” and SEO companies call the process of obtaining those listings “sponsored search engine placement.” Brightsky Web Design offers sponsored search engine placement as part of our search engine marketing strategy. We build up the number of back links you have over time and get you indexed with all the right search engines and directories, but that process takes time. Sponsored search engine placement keeps you on top while we do that.

Being on the front page of search results when someone searches for a keyword that is related to your business is a sure way to get more visitors to your site. That’s why search engines offer sponsored listings. They offer small businesses an opportunity to compete with large businesses that would monopolize their respective industries otherwise.

At Brightsky Web Design we use sponsored search engine placement to buy a spot on that first page until the search engine optimization we do puts you there automatically.

The conversion numbers that are documented from companies that have the advantage of a front page placement are astronomical, but a sponsored listing or link is a temporary solution. Savvy internet users know that sponsored links are purchased and that the organic links beneath them are the ones that have been obtained through organic SEO. They tend to trust the organic ranking more than the sponsored listings.

That’s not to say that you won’t get an increase in traffic and conversions when we place your sponsored listing at the top of the search page. You will, and we’ll keep you in one of those top positions while we do our organic SEO and bring you to Page One naturally. Then you will really see your conversion rate go up. Let Brightsky Web Design bring you to the top and keep you there. It’s an investment that will definitely pay off for you.

Search engine optimization, over time, is by far the most effective way of making sure you get regular, consistent traffic to your website. PPC (Pay Per Click) is by far the most effective method of getting immediate traffic to your website right away. Combine the two with some sponsored placement ads and you will begin getting more visitors and making more money right away and continue far into the future. PPC is the spark that lights the fire and organic SEO is the fuel that sustains it.

Colorful analogies aside, PPC is a great way to get your business jump-started and also to test your conversion rates. It can be used for A/B testing of different landing pages or simply as a source of income while we’re building a more stable, long-term solution for you. At Brightsky Web Design we specialize in organic SEO but that process takes time. PPC gives you a chance to get traffic while we’re posting links and getting you registered with directories.

Anyone who says that PPC is a dead marketing strategy should tell the folks over at Google. They’re making millions on Adwords. Pay Per Click is not a permanent solution but it does have its place, and it works. The key to doing it right is to have a PPC professional from Brightsky Web Design manage the program for you. Choosing the right keywords, setting a budget, and determining where you want your ads to show up is a process that should be handled only by someone who knows what they are doing. We have over ten years experience in internet marketing that has taught us how to do it.

Making the wrong decisions in a PPC campaign can result in a company losing a lot of money. That’s why you hear horror stories about Pay Per Click. It’s not that PPC doesn’t work, it’s that people who have no clue attempt to manage their own campaigns. The PPC tutorials will help you but if you’re going to spend hundreds or even thousands on a PPC campaign, have someone who knows what they’re doing handle the campaign for you. Contact Brightsky Web Design and ask about our PPC options.