Corporate Web Design

Corporate Web Design as a Strategic Investment

Good corporate web design can add real value to a company. Gone are the days when websites showcased the logo, recounted the company’s history, and provided contact information. If your website is simply a fancy brochure, or if you view it as a cost center to be minimized rather than as an investment to be maximized, your company is missing out on a valuable opportunity.

The primary way that corporate web design adds value to a company is by generating sales or leads. A well designed site can be your best salesperson. A website accomplishes this goal in two main ways: driving traffic to the site and then creating customers out of visitors.

Bringing people in is the first priority of corporate web design. Traffic can be bought through paid advertising, but the most cost effective way to drive traffic is through search engine optimization. A thorough understanding of the many nuances of the search engines is necessary to structure your site so that the engines can match your site to customers that need your services.

Once visitors are at your site, you must give them what they want in order to get what you want: a customer. This process is called conversion, and conversion rates are often very low. However, an experienced corporate web design team like BrightSky Web Design can design the site so that customers move easily to the information they need, gain a positive perception of your company, and take the next step towards becoming a customer. They combine a deep understanding of what works in corporate web design with the knowledge to measure what is truly important to the customer. Together these lead to continuously improved conversion rates which are often many times higher than the average and lead to real value for your business.