content marketing

Content Marketing Is Standing Order of Modern-Day Commerce! Effective content marketing is an indispensable ingredient of online business success. At first blush, this observation leads to a seemingly obvious conclusion that simplified solutions are sufficient for maximum results. Heightened scrutiny readily reveals several reasons why meaningful content marketing entails far more effort than initially meets the eye, however:

Qualitative > quantitative

Assigning more importance to quantity than quality is a common novice e-merchant content marketing error. Haphazard substandard postings throughout Cyberspace in the hopes of attracting visitors to a virtual business platform is akin to random graffiti scribbles within public walls of inner cities. Such a helter-skelter approach is likely to induce incessant spam and rapid relegation to virtual laughingstock status.

Physical structures built on sandy foundations cannot stand. Poorly-constructed web pages that feature badly-written articles full of grammatical gaffes, grainy graphics, and difficult navigation are likewise doomed to fail.

User-friendly platforms that are easy to navigate and contain well-written articles of practical value are the basic building blocks of successful content marketing. One favorable impression that yields positive viral content marketing exposure via social media, external forum postings, and multiple incoming back links within similar sites is far more valuable than a million bad impressions.

Solid content marketing = SEO success

“Content is king” of virtual search engine visibility. Its incumbent ruler-ship within web-based SEO realms is public knowledge. Website popularity as a self-sustaining commodity is a fact of far less notoriety, however. Search engines employ specialized algorithms that conduct ongoing result listing placement based on respective websites’ relative popularity. Thus, higher brand visibility within web-based markets literally feeds on itself.

Content marketing cost/benefit analysis

Staying abreast of constantly shifting SEO trends and ever-evolving target market demographics requires enormous resource expenditures and subsumes major implications. Specialized web design and IT expertise affords an immense competitive edge worth multiples of any initial service fee.

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