App Development

What is App Development?

App development refers to the creation and development of applications intended to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications are meant to be downloaded onto the user’s mobile device, and used on-the-go.

Once you have made the decision to have a website built for your business, it’s time to consider your online mobile presence. While the sites we develop for our clients here at BrightSky Web Design are already optimized for mobile, there may be times when you may have to go the extra mile, and consider app development for your website.

Having a mobile platform for your website, whether in the form of a mobile responsive site, or a mobile application, is very important today. This is because more than half of online users can be found on mobile platforms. Most online activity is done on mobile devices, and the population of mobile users continue to grow year after year. Everything can be done with smartphones nowadays, from paying bills, ordering groceries, and purchasing items from halfway around the world. With this information in mind, it is very important to create a mobile online presence for your business in order to meet this demand.

In addition to meeting the demand of more online users, app development for your website can bring about a number of significant advantages. Mobile applications are more likely to build customer loyalty and promote consistent communication between you and your customers.

Because of the easy accessibility and convenience of a mobile application, users are more likely to take the few seconds to communicate with you through an application simply because of how easy it is. Mobile applications can also be used to send mobile exclusive coupons and push notifications about promos that your customers may be interested in, which will improve customer loyalty significantly. Essentially, a mobile application makes it easier for your users to engage and access your business no matter where you are.

At BrightSky Web Design, we offer app development services to help you bring your online presence to a mobile platform. We can help you identify what type of application is best suited for your business. Understanding what type of application is suited for your business helps us determine the direction that we take for your app development. The type of application to be developed for your business depends significantly on the type of business you run. Here are some of the more common application types that people typically use.

Standalone applications (applications that don’t require network access to work; e.g. Clock apps, camera apps, etc.)
Social networking applications (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
eCommerce applications
Two-sided marketplace applications (these are business models that allow consumers and producers to connect with each other in a networking platform; e.g. AirBnb)
On-demand applications (applications that help fulfil and immediate need, such as grocery or meal delivery)
Once we have determined the type of application that would work best for your business model, we conduct research on your target audience and how the application can be built to suit your target audience’s preferences. Basically, we try to understand how your users will be interacting with and utilizing your mobile application, and how we can use that behavior to maximize your application’s usage. All of this research and data analysis is very important in providing a direction in the process of app development.

Once all that data has been fleshed out and a wireframe has been created, we start the process of creating the app, which comprises of several stages, including technical feasibility assessment, where we determine whether or not it is feasible to develop the application, prototyping, design, development, testing, and finally, when everything looks good and we have your approval, deployment.

Overall, in this age where mobile usage is slowly taking over the online world, app development for your business must be seriously considered. Contact BrightSky Web Design today to learn more about our app development options as well as the other web services that we offer.

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